Personal & Sexual Health

Grade by Grade: What Kids Should Know

The document below provides examples and details of what your child should be able to demonstrate their understanding of in each grade.


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Ministry of Education's Mandated Physical Health Education Curriculum

BC Physical and Health Education Curriculum

Resources for Arabic speaking students and their families

This website  can easily be translated into Arabic using the ‘world’ icon in the top right corner. Unfortunately it doesn’t translate the word and pdf docs automatically.

Here is ‘Is that Legal’ for grades 6-12 about consent, online safety, rules about sending pictures on phones and sharing intimate images

This is what to teach at teach grade. It can be translated using google translate . It breaks down what needs to be taught at each grade level.

For access to health information through health link BC

Translated Health Link 811 fact sheet for access to health services in BC

Immunization info

Below are sample letters home for parents about what sexual health education is in schools, that we had translated into Arabic by our interpreter Moy (see attached)

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Alternative Delivery of Sexual Health

Physical Health Education curriculum addresses topics of reproduction and sexuality that some parents/guardians may prefer to address at home.  In some cases, parents/guardians, in consultation with their child’s school, may choose not to have their child present in class when these specific topics are discussed.  Instead, they must agree to address this content in an alternative manner.

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Honouring Diversity/Inclusive Environments/SOGI Lessons -Grade k-12

Printable Puberty Guide #2 Gr 4-7 smaller guide with summaries

Amaze: Health animations -Gr 4+

Physiology and Anatomy– Gr 5+

Reproduction and Development  -Gr 6+

STI Information– Gr 6+

Sexual Decision Making -Grade 7+

Canadian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Grade 6-12

Kids in the Know Lessons (personal safety)

Kids in the Know Printable Posters


What Is SOGI All About? (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Schools)

Our District follows the direction of the Provincial Ministry of Education. We aim to ensure schools are safe, caring and inclusive of all its students, and are free from discrimination regardless of one’s orientation or gender identity (to meet BC Human Rights Code). See our district Inclusion Policy and SOGI Procedure which is posted here on this page.

SOGI is supported by the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Council, and the Ministry of Education. This resource provides tools for educators and schools so they can ensure inclusive environments and help honour the diversity which exists in our communities and all of our schools.

SOGI Parent Website

SOGI Parent Brochure

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