Personal & Sexual Health

Answering student questions can be a challenge. There are great tools and phrases to practice that will make this process easier for you.

Reminders When Answering Questions

  • Set ground rules ahead of time,
  • set up an anonymous question box and give yourself time to formulate answers for the next session,
  • use reliable phrases,
  • always end with a safety message or direction of a reliable resource for more information,
  • tell students you may rephrase questions to protect confidentiality and safety of all students (no names, no questions that expose anyone)

Useful Phrases When Answering Questions

  • some people may,
  • although not everyone will…
  • it’s important to understand the safety of…,
  • experts believe,
  • doctors suggest,
  • the safest way…(always end with safety as the message),
  • ask your family what their rules are or values are about…,
  • that’s an interesting question: I bet they might have an answer on one of our trusted websites: let’s find out,
  • sometimes people think of questions that will shock or gross us out but it doesn’t mean they are safe, true, likely or even possible,
  • not everything you see or hear about it is true (media literacy),
  • In this question I wonder if there is consent of each person and if anyone would be in harm (redirect difficult questions to safety)…

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